mlv Safety Data Sheet

Additional Information

 Section 1 – Product Identification Generic Description: Mass Loaded Vinyl Physical Form: Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheet in ½ through 2lb. density Color: Black Odor: N/A 

 Identifiable Components: CAS # ACGIH TWA* ACGIH BEI None: Smooth vinyl sheet products are not considered to be “toxic or hazardous substances”. Under normal conditions of use, these products do not release, or otherwise result in exposure to a hazardous chemical 

 Section 3 – Physical / Chemical Characteristics Boiling Point: N/A Softening Point: 275°F Solubility in Water: N/A Appearance and Odor: Solid No Odor Vapor Pressure: (mm Hg) N/A Specific Gravity: (H20=1) 1.70 Vapor Density: (Air=1) N/A Evaporation Rate: (Butyl Acetate=1) N/A 

 Section 4 – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data Flash Point: Will not burn. Flammable Limits: N/A LEL: N/A UEL: N/A Extinguishing Media: Water/CO2 Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Standard procedures with self-contained air breathing apparatus. Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: None NPA 704M Hazard Codes (HMIS) (0=Insignificant 1=Slight 2=Moderate 3=High 4=Extreme): Health: 0 Fire: 0 Reactivity: 0 Unusual Hazards: 0 

 Section 5 - Reactivity Data Stability: Stable Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Direct exposure to flame Hazardous Decomposition or By-Products: Hydrogen Chloride gas generated at 120° to 150° C Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur Conditions to Avoid: None known 

 Section 6 – Health Hazard Data Route(s) of Entry: Inhalation? Yes; As Dust Skin? N/A; Ingestion? Yes; Injection? N/A Heath Hazards (Acute and Chronic): N/A Carcinogenicity: Not a carcinogen Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: See Health Hazards Above Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: N/A Emergency and First Aid Procedures: N/A 

 Section 7 – Precautions for Safe Handling and Use Steps to be Taken in Case Material is Released or Spilled: N/A Waste Disposal Method: Landfill in compliance with local regulations Precautions to be Taken in Handling and Storing: N/A Other Precautions: None 

 Section 8 – Control Measures Respiratory Protection (Specify Type): N/A Ventilation: N/A Local Exhaust: N/A Mechanical (General):N/A Special: N/A Other: N/A Protective Gloves: N/A Other Protective Clothing or Equipment: None Required Work / Hygienic Practices: Unnecessary 

 Section 9 - International Regulations Canadian Domestic Substance List: Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheets and some of its component parts are listed on the Domestic Substance List. 


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